HTG Welding Services include short & long run sheet metal fabrication, welding & assembly.

HTG Metal Services Ohio - Welding Services

HTG Welding Services include:

  • Resistance Welding (Spot, Seam, Projection)

Metal components produced include:

  • metal brackets
  • metal enclosures
  • boxes
  • chassis
  • metal shims
  • motor mounts
  • guards
  • shelf brackets
  • heat sinks & fences for circuit boards
  • pipe brackets
  • electrical enclosures
  • light fixtures
  • motorcycle brackets
  • support brackets
  • electrical contacts
  • and many more…

Industries served include medical, electronics, vending, construction, military, aviation, equipment manufacturers, boating, restaurants, printers, agriculture, automotive, recreation vehicles & lighting.

Welding services including prototype, resistance, robotic, on-site robotic, & seam.

HTG Welding Equipment includes 3 spot welders up to 200 KA, TIG & MIG welding.