Braze Aids, Stop Offs & Binders

HTG of OHIO Products include Braze Aids, Stop Offs and Binders

HI TecMetal Group (HTG) manufactures a variety of Braze Aids and Binders.

HTG Stop Offs

Formulated to work in control atmosphere furnaces and vacuum systems. Prevent filler metal from brazing threads, holes and narrow tubes used for fluid flow. Keep stacks of parts separate.

Protect furnace fixtures or support points from bonding. Maintain cosmetic appearance. Contain excess filler when used to compensate for tolerance variations. Available in one quart containers.

Type 110 Stop Off – Stays put. Will not run. Requires no stirring. Use brush roller or squeeze bottle or pneumatic dispenser to apply. Can automate with metered flow. Contains no water of lacquer bases. Simply wash in warm detergent solution and rinse with water.

HTG Binders

A suspension medium for powdered metals when brazing in vacuum and controlled atmospheres. Brush, dip, roll or apply with automatic applicators. Deposits burn cleanly leaving little residue and clean, easily inspected joints. No water or lacquer base. Simply wash equipment in a warm detergent solution. Rinse with water. Available in one quart containers.

Type 215 Binder – Contains no lacquer base.