Manufacturing Parts to Print

HTG Metals  of OHIO Manufacturing Parts to Print Metal Parts and Product Services

Hi TecMetal Group, Inc. (HTG) provides a full range of manufacturing services including:

  1. We can take your drawing and documentation package and build and test your design exactly to-print.
  2. Even if your design is “not ready for production”, we can help. Our team of manufacturing engineers can take a rough design concept and develop the required drawings and manufacturing processes to deliver you completely tested prototype or production hardware.
  3. We work closely with our customers to provide feedback to help them reduce manufacturing costs and to increase product quality and provide a better product. For example, we often recommend ways to make fabricated, metal stamped or machined parts simpler and less expensive and pass the savings along to the customer.
  4. We take our customer’s delivery schedules seriously. Many large OEM automation suppliers and defense contractors rely on HTG for their build-to-print outsourcing needs. Our quality system has been approved by many OE’s and HTG is a reliable supplier.

Some of HI TecMetal Group’s manufacturing tools and capabilities include:

  • Design and Engineering Services
  • Assembly, furnace & induction brazing, welding and heat-treating capabilities
  • Numerous applications and creative ideas that can be implemented for cost reduction and quality improvement
  • Furnace Brazing and Contract Manufacturing

Bring us your most challenging and demanding precision furnace brazing problems. Come to us for build-to-print service, design assistance, prototyping and/or contract manufacturing, and we will give you unsurpassed furnace brazing solutions – quality precision joined assemblies.

Design and Engineering – HTG has vast technical experience related to the joining of materials. With every customer we offer this experience as an ongoing aspect of the services we offer. Virtually every customer we deal with has benefited significantly both from a technical as well as financial perspective.

HTG’s key technologies are the use of precision high temperature vacuum and hydrogen Brazing techniques to join metals for high vacuum, ultra clean and high temperature applications. These techniques offer several advantages over other brazing and welding techniques:

  • Brazed parts come out of furnace “to dimension” with little to zero distortion
  • Precision furnace controls, provide results that are consistent
  • Chemical reactive elements to assure contaminant oxide free clean surfaces
  • Aesthetically pleasing joints
  • Uniform braze fillets
  • Uniform bonding across entire mating surface
  • High tensile strength joint
  • Thermally conductive joint
  • Electrically conductive joint
  • Brazed joint is hermetic to >10-10 vacuum scale

Joining/Material Processing Capabilities include:

  • Precision Vacuum & Furnace Brazing of – SS, Inco, low carbon steel & specialty metals
  • Diffusion Bonding
  • Welding
  • Annealing

Contract Manufacturing – Over time we have developed a very experienced and precise supply base that enables us to offer our customers turnkey manufacturing capability. Our suppliers are able to produce high quality products that are delivered on time, every time, within specification. From automotive assemblies to aerospace, food processing, hydraulic, HVAC and OE assemblies, we have had many successful experiences with a wide array of critical customer components and products.

The staff at HTG are experts at taking design packages and turning them into reality – let us do the hard work so you don’t have to!