Honeycomb / Metallic Substrates

Metallic Substrates – Corrugated and Honeycomb

Honeycomb, Corrugated and Metallic Substrates by HTG Metals of Ohio

HTG began by forming metallic honeycomb substrates for jet engines in the early 1980s. Over the years we have formed metals to all thicknesses. Now we work with many customers to design and manufacture substrates in all shapes and forms to meet emissions compliance needs, among many other requirements.

Honeycomb brazing covers a wide variety of sizes, shapes and applications. Pre-fixturing and proper alloying techniques are key to success.

We design and manufacture metallic substrates for all types of pollution control applications including:

  • Automotive
  • Underground Mining
  • Industrial
  • Cogeneration
  • Home Appliances
  • Business Products

For years, ceramic has been the substrate material of choice for exhaust purification systems. So why Metallic?

Advantages of metallic substrates include:

  • High Mechanical and Thermal Durability
  • Excellent Conductivity means Faster Startup, Less Chance of Overheating
  • Thin Walls of Substrate means Exhaust Flow is Less Restricted
  • More Cost Effective due to Excellent Durability

Fabrication of Corrugated / Honeycomb Metal Substrates:

  • Use in all types of pollution control applications
  • Custom Forming including a wide variety of widths, shapes, lengths and cell sizes
  • From 50 to 600 cells per square inch (CPSI)
  • Steam Oxide Coating (Oxidizing)
  • Brazing, Pinning, Resistance Welding