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HI TecMetal Group Ohio - Hydraulics Assemblies - Manifold Manufacturing Specialists

At HTG, we specialize in manufacturing custom manifolds that are the hydraulic equivalent of integrated fluid flow circuits. From prototype to short and long-run production, HTG can handle your custom brazed manifold requirements.

Instead of trying to cross drill holes in blocks of steel and plug weld the ends of passages, HTG’s Brazed Metal Stacked Lamination concept eliminates entangled passages, heavily burred openings and allows for compact space savings designs.

An HTG stacked manifold can incorporate extraordinarily small fluid channels and complex geometry. Fluids can be controlled precisely and high-pressure applications are typical.

HTG uses a proprietary method of brazing stacked metal components that is superior to other methods. Stacked stamping construction allows for the creation of close tolerance internal features that can provide better laminar flow and easier to manufacture flow channels.

HTG utilizes advanced brazing techniques for the fabrication of manifold plates using metal stamped plates that, when stacked and brazed together, form a manifold plate assembly. Components to be joined by brazing are assembled and held in fixed relation to each other during the entire brazing process.

For more information about brazed laminated assemblies or the wide array of other brazing services and design capabilities available at HI TecMetal Group, call or contact via email HTG’s National Sales Office.