Over 100 Metal Services

HI TecMetal Group Ohio provides over 100 Metal Services – Heat Treating, Brazing, Welding and much more…

HTG Metal Group Cleveland Ohio - Over 100 Metal Treatment Services - Brazing, Welding, Heat Treating and more

Age Hardening
Annealing: Atmosphere, Bright, Induction, Solution, Vacuum
Annealing: Copper, Brass, Magnetic Alloys
Assembly: for Brazing Applications
Atmosphere Alloy Hardening
Benchwork: Finishing
Blasting: Abrasive, Shot, Grit and Glass Bead
Brazing: Exotic Metals, Nickel Alloy Components, Copper, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel
Brazing: Hydrogen Continuous Belt, Argon, Nitrogen
Brazing: Induction, Resistance, High Temp, Torch, Vacuum
Capacitor Discharge Welding
Carbon Restoration
Case Hardening
Chemical Braze, Honeycomb Stripping, Etching, Cleaning
Macroetch Inspection
Cleaning: Alkaline, Blast, Assemblies
Cryogenic Treatment
Deep Freeze
Engineering and Design Services: Industrial, Metal Products, Materials
Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC)
Finishing Services: Benchwork, Blast, Tumble
Grit Blasting, Cleaning
Gear and Roll Specialists
Hardening: Age, Atmosphere, Case, Neutral, Precipitation, Induction
Hardening: Martensitic Steels, Stainless
Heat Treating: Aluminum, Die Castings, High Speed Steel
Heat Treating: Induction Heating, Vacuum
Honeycomb Braze & Replacement
Hydrogen Belt Brazing
Induction Brazing
Induction Hardening, Annealing
Induction Heating
Industrial Engineering

Visible Dye Penetrant
Low Carbon Steel Brazing
Manufacturing: Assembly, Non-Destructive Testing, Production
Materials Laboratory Services
Microhardness Profile Analysis
Analysis: Defect and Failure, Metallurgical
Testing: Corrosion, Mechanical, Hardness, Salt Spray, Oil Quenchant
Research and Development: Processes, Furnaces
Nitridetek (Ferritic Nitrocarburizing – FNC): Low Temperature Surface Treatment for Ferrous Metals
Nitriding: Gas, Gas of Tool & Die Steel
Pressure Testing
Quench: Oil, Water
Salt Spray Testing
Soldering All Types of Metals
Solution Age Hardening
Solution Age Hardening of Stainless
Solution Treating
Spot Welding
Stainless Steel Brazing: Copper, Silver, Nickel
Stress Relieving
Metallographic Lab
Tool, Jig & Fixture: Design, Build, Repair
Tool Steel Processing, Hardening
Vacuum: Brazing, Heat Treating, Annealing
Washing Services
Welding: ASME
Welding: Arc, Laser, Machine, Automatic, Percussion Stud, Resistance, TIG, MIG, Spot, Projection
Welding: Titanium, Aluminum


Brazed Laminated Assemblies: Torque Converters, Tubular Assemblies, Custom Forming
Braze Aids: Stop Offs, Binders
Metallic Substrates: Corrugated, Honeycomb, Catalytic Converters