Bellows Assemblies

Brazed Metal Bellows

HTG Bellows Assemblies - Brazed Bellows Assemblies by HI TecMetal Group Ohio

HTG brazes bellows assemblies in the following materials: beryllium copper, brass, stainless steel and monel. The selection of the material is highly dependent on the part application. Specific requirements may require pressure and burst strength, life cycle, corrosion resistance, spring rate, filler metal and metal joining characteristics.

The metal bellows is comprised of a plurality of resilient annular metal diaphragm members which are brazed together. The method for fabricating a metal bellows is comprised of steps including assembling the bellows to end pieces, applying the brazing filler material and brazing the metal diaphragm members together simultaneously in a furnace.

Our alliance with precision hydroformed bellows suppliers and customers enables us to produce sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 4″ outer diameter. Finally, since all of our bellows are produced from high quality closed end seamless tubes, bellows can be offered with custom end configurations or with multiple plies. Let our experienced application engineers assist you.