Parts Fabrication & Assembly

From Design Concepts to High-Volume Production – HI TecMetal Group (HTG) is the Answer

HTG Ohio Metal Treatment - Metal Parts Fabrication Services and Metal Parts Assembly Services

With a history of providing quality metal parts for over 75 years, the HTG’s Group of companies is a recognized industry leader in a wide range of metal fabrication processes.

Our various metal forming and production processes allow us to produce prototype, and short-run jobs, and to make the transition to high-volume production. Our manufacturing staff works closely with our engineering and quality assurance personnel to produce consistent high-quality parts.

Our technical staff will design and implement the most cost effective manufacturing method for your program both in the short and long term. HTG works with multiple CAD programs.

HTG Assembly / Fabrication

HTG saves you valuable time and money by offering you one-stop services for your fabrication and assembly needs.

Leading Aerospace, Appliance, Automotive, Medical, Hydraulics and Food Equipment Products companies rely on HTG for fast and accurate component assembly. On-going investments in CNC (computer numerical control) fabrication and quality control technology are an essential part of our ongoing operating philosophy.

With virtually no “hard tooling” costs, a component can be produced and market tested in lower volumes. If the production needs increase, the larger demands can be met using HTG fabrication and stamping services.

Consumers have seen improvements in quality and consistency by using CNC fabrication. Trained QC (Quality Control) personnel to measure and assure that components meet or exceed tolerances utilize numerous shop floor SPC (Statistical Process Control) stations, linked directly to the QC department assuring the consumer receives quality products.

HTG Production

The production function at HTG is responsible for performing the manufacturing process according to engineering specifications. Process integrity is assured by operator measurements of key product characteristics. These measurements are entered into the SPEC network for analysis. Equipment preventive maintenance, also a production responsibility, is critical to the maintenance of product quality and production schedules. Each piece of equipment has been assigned a maintenance schedule and is serviced according to that schedule.

Production is also responsible for the handling, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery of work in process and finished products. Product identification is provided during all stages of manufacture.