For over 75 years, HI TecMetal Group (HTG) has produced countless pieces of brazed hardware. HTG developed many high temperature brazing technologies for aerospace, automotive, hydraulics, outdoor power, medical, electrical distribution, fluid power, heat exchanger applications, and many others.

HTG’s HiTech Aero location also provides Nadcap Accredited Brazing and Heat Treating services.

HTG Ohio Brazing Services, Heat Treating and Metal Services OHIO - Exotic Metal, Copper, Gold Silver and Furnace Brazing Services

HTG Brazing Services include:

  • Furnace Brazing
  • Induction Brazing
  • Torch Brazing
  • Assembly

HTG also manufactures honeycomb products and brazed structures. These structures have proven ideal for many aerospace applications, particularly those in which a high temperature, high strength-to-weight ratio is a requirement. Brazed honeycomb structures have light weight, high energy-absorption and are ideally suited for difficult combinations of aerodynamic, acoustic, and thermal loads exist.

Weld/brazing technology offers greater design flexibility than conventional resistance and fusion welding. HTG manufacturing processes allow the brazing of dissimilar metals with either very thin thickness, as well as thick to thin materials. Brazed structures offer excellent strength and fatigue resistance.

Details are tack-welded or spot-welded together and then brazed. This technique eliminates the need for costly tooling normally required in more conventional joining methods.

HTG produces brazed honeycomb components from stainless steel and titanium alloys as well as nickel-based super alloys. Structures and parts can be made in various configurations, sizes, and shape. The structures can be tailored to our customers design requirements. This technology allows excellent design flexibility. The weight and strength requirements can be exactly tailored to the customer’s needs.


HTG offers quality service in the heat treating and brazing of metals. In the specialized field of furnace brazing, we offer the following services for commercial, aerospace and military applications:

  • Furnace brazing in accordance with AMS and other widely recognized and accepted procedures.
  • Protective atmospheres including exothermic, pure dry hydrogen, argon, nitrogen, helium or vacuum to eliminate oxidation or other contaminants, and ensure optimal wetting, brightness and joint quality of the finished assemblies.
  • Brazing stainless & carbon steels; nickel alloys such as Monel 400, Inconel 600, and Hastelloys; lead-free brasses; OFHC copper; beryllium-copper and other base metals.
  • Active alloy vacuum brazing of tantalum, titanium, etc.
  • Filler metals including a wide variety of gold, silver, copper, and nickel-based alloys.
  • Fluxless brazing for high-vacuum applications.

We excel at difficult and complex assemblies of OFHC copper, stainless and Monel or other components which must be assembled by step-brazing using multiple filler metals.