Brite Brazing

Brite Brazing of Hi TecMetal Group of Ohio - Metal Brazing Services - Manual Brazing Services

Brite Brazing services include manual metal joining techniques which depending on the application, can be more versatile than furnace brazing.

Manual joining methods are advantageous because the operator is able to quickly and accurately join metals of different sizes and composition. Brite Brazing offers;

  • Brazing Manual
  • Soldering (all types of Metals)
  • Welding
  • Assembly & Spot Welding

Brite Braze manual methods can be a great solution for many joining problems. Our techniques are flexible and accurate. The heat can be applied selectively on just about any size part. Selective heat can help reduce distortion and minimize softening of the part in other areas if required. HTG’s Brite Braze has over 75 years’ experience in manual joining technologies. For thin workpieces (e.g., sheet metal or thin-walled pipe) brazing is less likely to result in burn-through. Braze-welded joints generally have smooth attractive beads that do not require additional grinding or finishing.

One of the primary benefits of induction brazing is that when performed correctly, it produces higher quality joints that are more durable leak-proof joints because they prevent filler materials from flowing into areas where they shouldn’t be. This is one of the biggest reasons why induction brazing is so often used in applications that require a high level of precision and reliability.

Compared to other heating applications such as torch brazing, induction brazing processes allow more parts to be processed in the same amount of time, which results in faster heating cycles. Plus, less heat gets absorbed into the surrounding area, which improves efficiency. When induction brazing is preformed properly it will give off heat to one specific and localized area to reduce distortion and optimize the overall process.

Induction brazing is advantageous in the sense that it is a very predictable and repeatable process. The main variables: alloy, fixturing, temperature, and part positioning – are controlled resulting in consistent parts every time.

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