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HTG Brazed Product Design & Analysis

HTG Metals Cleveland Ohio Brazing Engineering Services

3D Designs – Three-dimensional computerized models of your part or product idea. We work from simple sketches off a napkin or sophisticated electronic files.
Engineering Drawings – Engineering drawings with details to have a parts or equipment manufactured
Proof-of-Concept – Designing and prototyping your idea to prove if the concept will work.
Design for Manufacturability – Modifying designs so they are easier and less expensive to manufacture.
Material Selection – Recommending appropriate materials to improve functionality or reduce cost.
Component Sourcing – Finding sources for hard to find materials or components, or finding local sources.
Technical Feasibility Analysis – Testing the feasibility of your product idea.
Product Costing – Providing cost estimates for product ideas, a critical piece of information for any business plan.

For brazed products to be manufactured, a series of materials processing steps must be executed. Intricate designs and increasingly tight manufacturing conditions may not necessarily be in full accord. In such cases, serious problems in manufacturing may prevent a designer from getting the most of its product, or may lead to failing altogether. A number of issues related to such problems have been considered within the program instituted at HTG and under the guidance of Greg Hercik, VP of Engineering projects are managed.

HTG’s Brazing Engineering Center is involved in many projects that require:
1. 3-D Modeling of a brazed part during manufacturing
2. Review of thermal and braze joint integrity of component parts – including braze joint configuration and mating part tolerances.
3. The review of all sequences of manufacturing steps required to manufacture a high quality brazed part.
4. Additional work includes:

  • Problem solving
  • Process improvement techniques
  • Cost reduction thru value engineering methods
  • Recommendations for brazing equipment and tooling
  • Source of information about brazing
  • Hands-on brazing experience
  • On-going consultation and assistance
  • Review of methods and practices that lead to poor brazements and rejected parts; and recommendations on how to avoid the mistakes.
  • Methods and processes designed to cut significant costs out of current brazing process, and ways to achieve a better braze with improved customer satisfaction.
  • Determining what specific characteristics must be included in the inspection process after brazing.
  • Determine if current practices are efficient and cost effective and which procedures might strictly be wasteful.
  • Determine which brazing process is best for certain base metals, and why? For example: should the process specified by continuous furnace, vacuum or induction-brazing?
  • Which is best for different base metals and for the end result needed?

Brazing is a blend of art and science and knowledge of both art and science are supplemented by years of practical experience and our ever-increasing amount of technical information. Our technical knowledge is based on metals and their behavior; HTG incorporates the fundamental concepts of brazing and incorporates many advances made since our founding in 1943.

HTG offers various brazing processes in order to perform a wide variety of braze processes and applications. The function of a systematic procedure for brazed products will be uniform and in compliance with customer specifications and with design requirements. Our role as brazing engineers is to cover in such detail as is necessary to accomplish the desired results.