Heat Treating

Founded in 1943, HI TecMetal Group, Inc (HTG), provides a wide variety of heat-treating services to the aircraft, agriculture, automotive, earth moving equipment, high performance racing, military, tooling industries, and many other industries.

HTG, Inc. has earned a solid reputation for quality and service, working closely with both OEM’s and Tier One Suppliers.

HTG Metals Ohio Heat Treating Metal Services

We will continue to be a leader in the heat treating industry through state-of-the-art furnace controlled systems, continuous employee training and plant modernization.

HTG Specializes in thermal processing of metal parts for a variety of industries, ranging from critical components for aircraft to high volume parts for automobiles. Thermal processes, such as heat treating, relieve stresses within fabricated metal parts and improves their overall strength, ductility and hardness.

HTG Ohio Heat Treating Services include –

  • Annealing
  • Brazing (atmosphere, induction, torch & vacuum)
  • Carbonitriding (with direct quench or chamber cool)
  • Carburizing (with direct quench or chamber cool)
  • Deep Freezing (-120 F)
  • Grit Blast
  • Hardening (atmosphere, induction and vacuum)
  • Hot Oil Capabilities
  • Nitriding (gas and vacuum)
  • Nitridetek
  • Normalizing
  • Precipitation (age) Hardening
  • Roll Straightening crankshafts Straightening
  • Stress Relieving