Brazing and Metal Treatment

HTG Ohio Brazing Services, Heat Treating and Metal Services OHIOISO 9001:2015

Brazing and Metal Treating of Ohio (BMT) has a reputation for excellence and superior customer service in the brazing industry. The 24,000 square foot facility is located just east of downtown Cleveland right next to I90.

BMT focused primarily on low carbo steel brazing and annealing for customers in the hydraulic, automotive, outdoor equipment, electrical products and heating components industry. BMT has numerous continuous belt exothermic furnaces and parts washers. BMT has the ability to join complex and high volume assemblies and also smaller volumes. BMT has the ability to assemble components with presses and spot welding capabilities.

The advantages of furnace brazing include:

  • Lighter weight components
  • Stronger assemblies
  • Complex assemblies from common parts
  • Efficient designs (e.g. stainless and mild steel combinations)
  • Elimination of special tooling or fixtures
  • Elimination of other processes like machining, staking or threading
  • Leak-tight joints
  • Multi-step processing in a single pass
  • Permanent joints

HTG design engineers can assist with the development of brazements. HTG has a full staff of engineers to help assist our customers when either designing a brazement or to help move production parts from welding to brazing. HTG engineers have multiple computer aided drafting programs for use to help our customers achieve superior results. Our engineers can help with joint design, and the creation of a gap for capillary attraction to fill the joints to assemble the components with either braze filler metal in the form of a paste or solidus, and an appropriate heating to give our customers the desired results.