Even Your Mature Products Deserve a Little Love

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Even Your Mature Products Deserve a Little Love

While its most exciting to participate in the newest, latest and greatest, upcoming product being developed by your company, please don’t overlook the improved profit potential using process review for your more mature products.

Innovations in Brazing, Heat Treating and Welding can update your processes and yield cost savings, leading to improved profit margins.

Developing new technology is difficult, expensive and time consuming. It is, however, an essential part of our routine. Our experts can help you identify, develop, and implement the right joining solution for your product which will ultimately save you time and money.

We all know there are some lingering “sore thumbs.” Let our experienced manufacturing experts aid you in reviewing your component’s process approach.

Achieving precise, repeatable results requires evaluating the joining method, and constantly monitoring the process. These optimization efforts will make the process more stable, helping to achieve cost savings.

In this example, the joining method was changed from manual torch brazing to hydrogen atmosphere belt furnace brazingProduction rose from 250 pieces an hour to over 2,000 pieces per hour!

Parts emerge from the furnace bright and clean, ready for assembly.

The team at HI TecMetal Group loves talking about brazing, heat treating and welding techniques. We’re an open source for professionals in the industry who want to better understand how to improve their manufacturing processes, in particular with our Brazing, Heat Treating or Welding services.

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