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Product Development Programs Built For Customer Success

Move from “napkin-sketch” to professional product design with the foundations built over 77 years by the HI TecMetal Group

HTG of Ohio New Product Development Services for our customers. Complete metal fabrication and metal treatment for new product development.

New Product Development Structure

HTG helps customers develop plans for prototype fabrication, launch preparation, product fabrication, building and testing.

HI TecMetal Group Inc. (HTG) in Cleveland, Ohio has a long tradition of providing contract manufacturing services to the food and dairy equipment industry. We provide consistent, defect-free parts and subassemblies used in equipment used around the world.

HTG’s contract manufacturing services include the acquisition of certified materials to include stainless steel of both ferritic or non-ferritic grades. HTG’s services include precision machining, fabrication, food grade brazing and welding, deburring, subcontracted metal pre-treatment & finishing services, marking & stenciling, specialized packaging, and part kitting. We also provide heat treating services for stainless steels and all other modern materials.

HTG’s manufacturing processes adhere to certified AS9100 ensuring predictable part performance. From candies to potato chips, sophisticated ingredient mixers to food conveyance, we have the proven resources to make your next equipment part or new design a success.

Case Study

HTG’s customer developed a new type of convection recirculating food product fryer system. The design offers many advantages over the current style fryer:

  • The tank is free of internal heating elements or gas burner tubes, thus creating a larger capacity for product frying
  • Greater temperature control and uniformity
  • Increased pounds per hour production capacity
  • External heat exchanger heats oil >350 F at the hot oil supply line, then passing into the fry tank
  • Incorporation of a filter assembly connected to the tank
  • Internal heat exchanger tubing permits the passage of the cooking oil back and forth across the burner within the heat exchanger, ensuring greater heat distribution. This tubing has fins (similar to a radiant heat system) for facilitating the absorption of heat from the burner

Creating food products requires predictable and consistent food manufacturing equipment and specially engineered components. For manufacturers of industrial food equipment, the tight dimensional tolerances required as well as their fit and high quality is crucial to the performance of parts being manufactured.

HTG helps customers achieve their desired performance by providing high level components, precision parts and FDA-approved metal joining, as well as detailed assembly services to ensure we meet the exact print specifications.

HTG adheres to NSF (formerly National Sanitary Foundation) standards, which are certifiers of food service equipment. They are the authorized organization for establishing ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards for food service items.

HTG Contribution

For engineers and product designers in search of rapid prototyping services to speed up product development cycles, HTG offers a variety of rapid manufacturing processes that can be used to create prototypes quickly and affordably. Although there are countless different ways that any individual prototype can be produced, it is ultimately up to the engineer to determine which process and material is best suited to their product.

HTG Machining & Fabrication

  • Review of new product concepts and designs
  • Review of materials and specifications
  • Creation of cost-effective assembly tooling and components
  • Design, manufacture or procurement of components and materials
  • Assembly, joining and/or heat-treating services
  • Testing and inspection
  • Packaging and shipping

HTG’s Food Grade Heat Exchanger

HTG has specifically designed heavy-duty fins for food grade heat exchanger applications, illustrated in attached photos above. The benefits are clear:

  • High quality reliable products and processing
  • Food grade certifications
  • Understanding imperative cleanliness of the industry
  • Pioneers and specialists in the field of metal joining and thermal treatment
  • Heavy-duty fins can withstand heat and corrosive environments
  • Unexpanded tubes provide a higher level of corrosion protection
  • Brazed joint construction that can withstand high pressure steam (>25 psig) and fluid applications
  • Competitive pricing, high quality while offering extreme value

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