HI TecMetal Group Expansion

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HI TecMetal Group Expansion

HI TecMetal Group, a full-service vacuum brazing and heat treating company has made a $4 million expansion of its Eastlake, Ohio plant and is expected to create a dozen additional jobs. The expansion includes the installation of a large Seco vacuum brazing and heat treating furnace, the consolidation of its induction brazing business and three additional vacuum and three additional Camco hydrogen brazing furnaces.

Since 1943, HI TecMetal Group (HTG) in Ohio has provided complex and detailed heat treating and brazing applications to support a wide variety of diverse markets. The company is adept at brazing and heat treating materials that include stainless steel, super alloys, copper and refractory materials.

HI TecMetal Group Metal Treatment, Vacuum Brazing, & Heat Treating Furnaces

HTG is also upgrading approximately 20,000 square feet of an existing facility located at 28910 Lakeland Blvd, Wickliffe, Ohio to install Ion and Gas Nitriding equipment.

The project is expected to be complete in the 4th quarter of 2020. For more on HTG services and capabilities, please contact us directly.

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